2019 / 11 / 29 (FRI)-2020 / 2 / 27 (THU)

Nature Cover Story





Since it was first published over 150 years ago, Nature has become the most recognizable scientific journal in the world. Most important and first-hand research results and scientific discoveries in modern science were published through this journal and made available to the public. It has reported some significant discoveries of modern science and published some well-known scientists, such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, James Watson, Francis Crick and Stephen Hawking. The cover story of Nature is co-selected by the senior editor and the editor-in-chief, and displays the most important and newsworthy research results representing the period on the cover page. Therefore, having the honor to be on the cover page of Nature is a highly recognized benchmark of research results.

The exhibition holds at NYMU has selected 51 cover stories related to biomedical science in Nature between 2016-2018. The exhibition displays the biomedical research results at NYMU, connecting it to the audience who are mainly within the medical humanities.

Last but not least, this exhibition is a memorial to professor Chi-Yuan Chou, from the life sciences college.